What is the right time to replace spark plugs?

You’ll find a lot of people that are looking at investing in a brand new truck (well, technically used but new to them) or contemplating keeping their old truck to get a couple more years. I truly love this engine, but it has some small drawbacks.

This vehicle system that is particular runs on the module to control fuel line pressure. The fuel pump driver module can be found underneath the vehicle subjected to the components. Especially, over the spare tire connected to the framework, it’s situated on an F150. Initially the aluminum driver module was attached by Ford right in touch with the steel framework. This caused extreme corrosion develop on the module. With prolonged time the corrosion expose the electronics and would eat a hole through the aluminum casing. The module will briefly causing drive-power problems or could cause irreversible injury to the junction box that is smart. Ford after released an upgraded replacement Fuel Pump Driver Module (link is to get an Dorman component) that comes with mounting studs to space the module from the frame somewhat. The most frequent symptoms, aside from a no beginning, is insufficient the code P1233 ability, and difficult beginning.

This vehicle layout includes a coil-on-plug (COP) design that an integrates another coil for every cylinder. COP systems have become trivial in the automotive industry now. The coils do suffer from breakdowns, although the overall consensus is the fact that this kind of ignition system is all about the most efficient you could get. These wells also can fill up with coolant or oil and that also can impact the operation of the coil. Occasionally the coil can neglect internally at the same time. Usually using the misfire, we’ll diagnose the cylinders in the Ford car dealer and replace the spark plug and coil for anyone cylinders. The most frequent symptoms with this problem is cylinder misfires under load cruising around 55mph in overdrive or hastening. It’ll result in bucking or a light jerkin that feels as in the event that you could have transmission problems.

They chose to put every one of the coils that were sensitive upon a specialized spark plug that will break when removed. Brilliance! These plugs usually last 100k miles around but they’re a bear when you visit replace them. They’ve expanded sleeves that live down in the head that often break off because of potential carbon/rust develop.

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Is Your Car Workshop Scamming You With Injector Cleaning Service?

A favorite service pushed by the majority of stores is the fuel injection. It uses substances that are quite powerful to completely clean the points your injectors, valves, and in of the cylinder out. Care should be used using all these substances or whenever near.

This items is not very weak plus it eats the carbon deposits off idle air control valve and the accelerator plate. As you must remove the intake air system off to reach the throttle body, additionally it is the most labor intensive measure. Occasionally, carbon build-up is really excessive that you might need to take out the throttle body to really clean the rear of the butterfly plate.

Trained staff can utilize this substance on accelerator by cable systems but extreme care needs to be taken. Make sure you test the service manual for the specific vehicle before servicing a throttle. Generally, the service manual calls for you unplug and to remove the assembly. The compounds may result in harm to the sensitive accelerator plate motor and by driving the motor to turn while it’s plugged in, the accelerator motor could be seriously damaged. The car might be difficult to begin following the accelerator was cleaned.

Measure two is the train or induction service. Most kits just contained one or the other.

The induction service feeds a substance to the intake to ensure it’ll clean the injector points the intake manifold, valves, and combustion chamber. According to the tool used to administer the substance, it could be vaporized before the accelerator plate with air pressure, or fed via a vacuum port right to the consumption. These approaches will not be so effective at cleaning the interior of the injector itself.

To ensure that it’s going to enter the fuel injector, the train service really uses an adapter to inject the substance directly to the fuel lines. The injector then sprays on the substance the same as fuel. This efficiently cleans each of the small holes it sprays through and the injector, along with the valves and combustion chamber. This technique isn’t so effective at cleaning the intake.

The next measure is as easy as placing an additive. It is an extremely light substance in comparison with the remainder and is intended to be combined with fuel.

All in all, the fuel injection is quite a good deal considering what it does. If they’ve presented themselves but this service generally does not repair many issues. It may restore the car to its initial state, but will never really enhance fuel mileage. It will not take quite long to get done.. The induction service must be managed in a rate that is slow converter damage may result. The high profit margin of the service also provides you with a great opportunity haggle or to negociate a cost that is better with the majority of chain stores.

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What to do if your car gets stuck in sand?

If you are like me, and love going offroad, chances are you will get stuck in the stand at least once in your life.

I have been stuck in sand more than once. Here is what you should do.

  1. If you have access to water, pour it on the sand right under your tire. Make sure you don’t waste your entire drinking water and roam around thirsty looking for water. This step is completely optional.
  2. Reduce the pressure in your tires. Take out atleast half of the air from the tire, you can always refill later, and taking out half of the air does not damage the tire, unless you happen to drive around for the next week like that.
  3. Reducing the air pressure in the tire increases the surface area, and hence the weight per inch exerted on the land is also lowered.
  4. This, along with increased resistance offered by the wet sand can help you get out quicker than you think possible.

This post was sponsored by our kind friends at FICreview. They specialize in fuel injector cleaners.

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Is Your Car Not As Powerful As It Was?

Over long periods of time, the injectors in your car end up processing huge amounts of fuel. This fuel is not always clean. There is always some level of impurity in it. Although I am pretty sure cleaning your fuel injectors is not something your car’s manual will recommend.

If you see a significant drop in the mileage of your car. Or if you feel like you are missing on throttle response, as you think your car initially had, it could be due to clogged injectors.

It is actually not very hard to service them on your own. All you need is a simple do-it-yourself kit that you can order over Amazon. You will basically detach your main fuel from the fuel pump, and instead connect to your fuel injector cleaning Kit in its place.

Make sure you have turned off fuel pressure regulator and the fuel pump before you do this.

Once you start the engine, wait for it to run empty and then die. Now you can connect your primary fuel line back and turn on your fuel pump too. You will start noticing the difference within the next 20 to 40 miles.

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